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Should You Be An Underwriter On KPRG?

Are you trying to reach the decision makers at Guam’s leading companies? Many of them listen to KPRG and appreciate companies that support public radio. KPRG, 89.3 FM is Guam’s NPR affiliate. KPRG reaches an affluent, highly-educated audience made up of community leaders, executives, educators and arts patrons. Underwriting on public radio is a proven vehicle for marketing the goods and services of local and national businesses as well as generating goodwill by supporting a community resource.

  • Currently more than 27 million listeners tune in to NPR stations each week. These listeners place great value in supporting their station’s programming and often carry this support over to the organizations that invest in NPR programming.
  • NPR listeners perceive public radio sponsors as honest, and socially responsible. Sixty-two percent (62%) of listeners surveyed believe that companies that sponsor programs on public radio are more credible than those that advertise on commercial radio. (Source: Edison Media Research)
  • Compared to commercial radio, public radio has fewer and shorter breaks, which reduces clutter and allows your message to reach the audience more effectively. Studies confirm that listeners pay more attention to an underwriting credit on public radio than they do to an advertisement on commercial radio.
  • When your credits align with public radio programming values, simply by being on the air you will achieve what is known as the “halo effect,” which creates the ultimate connection between your organization and KPRG’s listeners.