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Commonwealth Utilities Corporation questions impact of 'Solar for All' initiative

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At a meeting last week, the board of directors from the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, or CUC, met to voice their concerns on a federally funded energy program.

The U.S. EPA’s “Solar for All” initiative gives out funding for states, cities, and nonprofits, to get solar energy for low-income and disadvantaged communities.

According to Marianas Variety, CUC board member Simon Sanchez highlighted the potential risks from the program in the CNMI. These include the impact of excessive solar energy on the local power grid and the risk of residents being disconnected from the grid, during long periods of cloudiness.

With the help of legal counsel, the board drafted a letter to the governor and legislature outlining their concerns. They emphasized the importance of ensuring low power costs for ratepayers.

The CNMI’s Office of Grants Management said this particular grant could be awarded in July.

Gilayna Santos is Isla Public Media's reporter/host.