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Kyona Rivera

Kyona Rivera

Student Reporter

Student reporter Kyona Rivera, a senior at the University of Guam working towards a Communication and Media degree. She was born in Saipan, and moved to Guam eight years ago.

Kyona is the current President of UOG's Student Government Association. Her goal is to become an event producer for major productions like the Super Bowl Halftime show, or the NBA games.

  • An average single-family house in Guam is now $426,000. That’s 54% higher than the median price five years ago. Rising costs can be attributed to a limited supply of homes and an increase in construction costs. However, a solution may be found within alternative methods, made possible by the latest advancements in technology.
  • Kiana Lujan is a military child who has lived in Upstate New York, Colorado, Germany, Texas and now Guam. Despite the many changes in her life from moving one place to another, she shares one constant passion — her love for dance.